Blue and White

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Racism and the Tea party movement

I think it has now become crystal clear what the tea-party movement represents. It represents pure racism and neo-fascist ideas, hidden under the cover of "conservatism". What Rand Paul advocated was pure racism. Of course Rand Paul does not think himself as a racist, but that's not unique. No racist considers himself a racist. Sarah Palin and other similarly minded idiots who support the Tea-party movement are also racists.

I think the Rand Paul incident leads to few conclusions:

1. The tea-party movement is an openly racist movement with characteristics similar to neo-fascist movements in europe.

2. About 30-35% of the voters in this country are consciously or subconsciously racists. That is the approximate percentage of voters who support the teabaggers.

3. Libertarianism is a totally idiotic theory. From another planet.